Established in 2003, SJ Developers has carved out a niche for itself as the most preferred reality brand in Odisha.
SJ Developers is currently managing a portfolio of more than 2 million SqFt in & around Bhubaneswar, spanning across Residential, Office Space and Retail.
Within a short span, SJ Developers has demonstrated the best of designs, efficient project management, top quality construction, luxurious interiors, professional post sales service and ethical trade practice, which has elevated its brand image to the highest level in the state.
Some of the key projects are Royal Lagoon (a joint venture with Ashiana Homes, Delhi) , Royal Habitat, Royal Heritage, Royal Garden, Royal Tower, Royal Heights, Royal Residency and Royal Elegance. At SJ, “WE CARE”.
Our walk through the cloud
It gives me immense pleasure to hear that our company has successfully covered the first decade of its existence showing growth and commitment. This is all due to dedication and hard work of every member from top to bottom of SJ family.
I pray Lord Jagannath to shower His blessings on the entire SJ family and hope for glorious days to come soon.
Er. Dharma Prasad Mishra
Last 10 years has been a journey from youth to men, for most of us at SJ. I have thoroughly enjoyed each minute of last ten years, like I'm in my long vacations irrespective of all hard days we had of our share and less time for family. I had no doubt to be a very successful in life as I was always confident about my plans and privilege to lead a company of full of leaders and entrepreneurs, who are individually responsible of all that success SJ has achieved so far. For me we are in process to do much bigger jobs and leave some finest developments behind us. We have couple of dream projects like the first of its kind Sports city, Home for all, a group LIG housing project, Country side living and some world class high-rise flats are under way to be launched in next couple of years. My heartfelt thanks to my parents, my wife, all our patrons, vendor & associates, contractors, consultants and the entire staffs of SJ, who helped us to reach here.
Mr. Debidutta Mishra
(Managing Director)
We entered to real-estate with a strong mission to change the style of living in Bhubaneswar and I thought to some extent we have able to achieve the success so far. Still for me miles to go from here and set a new standard for SJ. 10 years celebration is a very touchy moment for all of us and I would prefer to feel the moment quietly after years of hard work. I thank for the unconditional contribution and support of our clients, vendors, consultants, bankers, my family, friends and the entire team SJ.Happy New Year.
Mr. Matrudatta Mishra
(Director, Finance)
Dedication & Hard Work brought SJ to this Position from where we can see various dream projects not only in Bhubaneswar but also in different district head quarter of Odisha. The most important factors which make SJ as a leading Brand is our transparency & customer friendly nature. I wish all the luck to entire SJ family for the future.
Mr .Suryakanta Nanda
(Director Legal, Estate & Statutory)
Bhabani Shankar Rath (VP, Projects)
A decade, a journey with full of hardships, turbulence and critics but continued with a smile, dedication and indulgence to achieve success of growth, tolerance and perceivance which was adorable and appreciated. Wish everybody in SJ family, a success to leadership and scaling new heights in years to come.
Mr. Shashi Bhusan Das (VP, Commercial)
SJ Strongly believe to work with all Regulatory compliance which takes care of all future anxiety of our Customers.
Subhakanta Nanda (General Manager)
Spending more than 8 Years in Different MNCs , I finally decided to join SJ. What I found SJ is operating in the same way as most of the MNCs operate. The best part what I like in SJ is being run by a group of Family entrepreneurs who always operate between the style of Corporate Culture and a very personal touch to all the employees. I have learnt a lot in my last 5 years & making sure to reciprocate the Top Management with better performance as return. I am glad I have a very good Team in the back up who are not only good in there work but have lot of dedication for the company.SJ in a process to do wonderful projects in the coming years and set different glories. I am wishing all my Clients & the Entire Team SJ a very Happy & Prosperous New Year - 2014.
Mrs.Kamalika Paul (AGM, Planning)
In Sj we all work together irrespective of our department, seniors & co-workers are equally co-operative which I have understood in the due course & this becomes the strength of the company.
I joined SJ almost 1 & half year back & it seems that I have been attached with this family for more than that.
Mr. Raj Ranjan Mishra (AGM, F & A )
After serving for more than 13 years in different corporate houses like software. telecom etc. I got an opportunity to join SJ. I found a good working environment here in order to execute the tasks assigned to me and saw excellent cooperation among employees .Truly a great place to work in.
Mr. Umakanta Behera (Chief Manager, Home Loan)
Nothing succeeds like success". As an employee I am proud to be a part of the phenomenal success of SJ during a long journey of 10 years.
• Mr. S.Mohan Choudhury (Sr. Manager, Marketing)
First of all my hearty congratulation to all of for completing 10 years of growth and prosperity........And i wish many more to come in future. It is my pleasure to be a part of this big family. On this platform i would like to thank all the directors and heads of SJ Family, for giving their immense support to all of us to go and achieve and making us believe that anything is possible provided you have passion for it.
Mrs. Sanghamitra Nayak (Manager Sales & Customer Relation)
From the bottom of my heart thanks to my company’’ Sj Developers & Housing Pvt.Ltd.’’ to make our life happy in so many ways. I never been to any company the way this company is taking care of their employees like a family.
Again thanks to Management and especially to our MD to teach us Life isn't worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke. Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other things alone. This is the way to success. It helps me to discover who ‘’I am today’’. Thanks a lot.
I think I will go long in this company & coming up with so many prime, indifferent, remarkable Projects in Odisha and hopefully in other states also. Lastly I can Say About My company that: Our company brand is formed primarily not by what we say about our company but what the company does.”
Mrs. Sunita Das (Asst. Manager, Customer Relationship)
I am privileged to be a part of SJ. SJ has given me such kind of confidence to grow in my career. I have learned a lot from all of my authorities, Colleagues & juniors. I never felt like working in a corporate company rather I felt like be in a family & taking responsibilities for its growth & development. I would like to thank each & every member of SJ for their support.
Mr. Pradipta Kumar Swain (Asst. Manager, Accounts)
Looking back to the year 2004 when I joined in SJ, I had never imagined in 2013 the company will emerged as a big company both project wise and staff wise. I have started my career from zero level and with my hard work, dedication & sincerity . Now I am in a position Where I have earned the confidence and trust of management and company has given me every thing to keep my family happy and prosperously.
Mr. Nirmalya Mishra (Royal Habitat)
You can talk the talk, can you walk the talk?"…This is what I felt about SJ Team in one-line, I strongly believe their approach to real estate (marketing, sales, construction quality, schedule and customer service), honesty and humility is what you get to see when you meet any senior members at SJ. They are very savvy, well cultured and always striving to improve from learnings – that’s what differentiate them from others. I was lucky to be customer of their 1st Project – Royal Garden, my 1st
property in BBSR and they have lived to my expectations! Thank you SJ Team.
Mr. Manas Martha (Royal Habitat)
I bought a villa @Royal Habitat earlier this year from SJ Developers. I would like to complement the whole team especially Sanghamitra and Sharmistha for their excellent support and guidance so far in making this one of the best ever buying experience for me and my family. Both of them have been so prompt and proactive in every step of this purchase that I have never felt it necessary to follow up or remind them for anything. Excellent professionalism which is truly commendable. I now look forward to timely completion of the project and take possession of the villa. All the best to SJ Developers! Merry Christmas n Happy new year!
Mr.Rajaram Senapaty (Royal Habitat)
Very passionate team that keeps customer interest in mind. In my experience thus far, I have been happy to recommend them to so many people without the slightest hesitation. I believe their key USP is that they charge a great price for the tremendous value they bring to the table…. For those seriously looking at investing in BBSR, you will regret if you don’t have an SJ in your portfolio.
Mr.Harbhajan Singh is our Brand Ambassador.
Awarded 2nd runner up in Best Stall design @ Credai 2013
(Director Legal, Estate & Statutory)
Joint Secretary , Credai Odisha, Committee Member & CYW Odisha
Emerging Real Estate Developer of the State
@ HR Convention Bhubaneswar 2011