Facility Management

At SJ, we believe in providing the real life living experience for all our residents in different projects beyond our commitment to deliver as promised. We understand finally what matters is the quality day to day services, security, safety and hygiene in the residential projects and that differentiates the project and the developer in the business.

We were determined to extend best possible of services at value for money and that has led to a quite successful beginning handling the facility management services for Royallagoon, one of the finest housing project in town spread over 10.15 acres having more than 400 families living in the campus. It was indeed great challenge and learning for us while managing various services with high degree of satisfaction of the residents living here and that has laid the project as one of the most preferred residential societies in Bhubaneswar. Fallowed by Royal Heritage, a campus of 70 families living where we extended the same quality services, security, safety, hygiene at value for money and on the request of the society we continued to provide facility management services over 4 long years.

Our personal involvement, care, passion to create a living experience and constantly working towards cost effective solutions through a very professional team to manage has given us a good platform and success. During last few years we have worked hard to provide a very professional Facility management services which includes the safety, security, housekeeping to horticultural maintenance and improvement, MEP, Lift maintenance, swimming pool, Club house, various welfare activities, events, added new softwares, a very personalised billing system, developed sporting culture, kept a very transparent book of accounts with the RWA and always worked towards cost efficiency models.












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