Former Chief Engineer of the State Govt, He has converted SJ Developers from a developer to a quality construction house. His all time message is “That quality & transparency should be our today’s investment, which will yield high dividend in future". He also acts as the technical advisor to SRI LORD JAGANNATH TEMPLE, PURI & has been making a significant contribution to CAR FESTIVAL for last twenty years.
    Core Responsibility :- Planning & Quality Control

    Former Chief Engineer CESCO. He brings very high degree of professionalism, discipline, contacts and a spirit to grow.
    His management mantra: PEOPLE MAKE GREAT PAY UP HAPPEN.
    Core Responsibility :- PR & HR

    Co founder & Managing Director
    Has significant experience in the corporate world prior to co-founding SJ Developers. His charismatic leadership brings in corporate professional touch to the business. His Key Message: Nothing could be achieved in life without Dream & Team Work.
    Core Responsibility: - Planning, Project Management, Branding & Media Relation.

    Co founder & Director
    A Software Engineer decided to take challenges in business rather than selling down in US. With his hallmark of meticulous executions, he oversees Operation Management & finance of the company. His Key Mantra : Sticking to basic & discipline in routine work, can create lot of difference in business.
    Core Responsibility :- Corp. Finance, Admin, Legal & Estate

    Co founder & Director
    His significant experience in running construction business has come in great support to the company in handling projects. His contribution in creating the large land bank secures the company’s future growth, and considered the “WALL "in the company.
    His Key Work Ethic: Believing yourself in crises would help you to take right decision in difficult situations.
    Core Responsibility-Projects, Estate & Legal

    A management ground with 15 Years of Corporate experience in sales & Business Development stints with Blue Chip companies & MNC's like BPL Telecom, Satyam, Wipro Technologies, Data Craft Asia & IBM India in various management roles. In short span he has started contributing with sales, documentation and a very professional vendor negotiation.
    Core Belief: - Winners don’t do different things, they do the same job in different way.
    Core Responsibilities-Marketing, Customer Relationship & Commercial


    Senior Vice-President
    With twenty years of overseas experience, he brings discipline and global outlook to the job. He has been very consistent in handling boutique projects and his discipline in managing out station business has been outstanding. His Key Message: Work is Worship.
    Core Responsibility- Boutique Projects & Out station business

    Vice-President, project
    He comes with twenty years of corporate experience in executing Multi Crore Projects.He is responsible for all large project management & execution. Motto: There is no substitute for hard work in life.
    Core Responsibility: - Large Projects Execution







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